Cartagena de Indias has all the elements so that you can experience the longed-for vacations with restaurants, historic areas, warm weather, delicious night breeze, shopping centers and the best: Cartagena beach club. One of the main activities carried out by tourists and locals is to take a day to relax by the sea, for which a Cartagena beach club is the best alternative to rest.

On Tierra Bomba Island, a few minutes from Cartagena, there are many beach clubs to spend the day, but none have all the benefits of Bomba Beach Club. Bomba Beach Club is an excellent Cartagena beach club, that has everything you need to spend a very good day surrounded by nature and good energy.

It is a place originally decorated, with colors that match the sea and with simply unique furniture: hanging beds, sofas made of pallets, hammocks, pergolas and sunny chairs. The furniture is located in different sections on the beach, being those that face the sea the most privileged; However, they all have something special to choose from when booking.

Apart from the setting, a factor that makes the Cartagena beach club Bomba Beach a good place to spend the day, are its varied services and customer service. In this relaxing place you get restaurant service, private bathrooms and bar; In addition, you can have access to the pool of The Beach Hostel, an accommodation on the island Tierra Bomba that belongs to the owners of the club.

Finally, it should be noted that Bomba Beach Club is also an establishment committed to the environment. In retribution to the breeze, the sun and the sea that surround the island, in this Cartagena beach club there’s a great effort is made to minimize the negative impacts of the action of man in the ecosystem of the island; establishing policies such as the use of cigarettes made of easily biodegradable material.

These are just a few characteristics that make you want to know Bomba Beach Club, the best Cartagena beach club. Visit us and have a spectacular day!