If you want to make your adventure in Cartagena an unforgettable experience, and you have not yet found a help voice to do it, then you have arrived at the right place. Here we give you a small guide of the best beaches in Cartagena, perfect and peaceful places to spend incredible days with your friends or family.

One of the best beaches in Cartagena is located in the northern part of the city, specifically in the corregimiento of La Boquilla. These beaches, although not so colorful, will allow you to get in touch with the wonderful and unique local culture of Cartagena. For family trips, especially for large groups, this beach is ideal because it is very spacious, making the stay very comfortable.

The restaurants located in front of the beaches of La Boquilla are, in their majority, managed by native people of the corregimiento, who know and prepare the typical trays with the best flavor, making you enjoy incredible lunches.

Another of the best beaches in Cartagena is located on the peninsula of Barú, commonly known as an island even though it is linked to the mainland. The clearest waters are the whitest sand of all the best beaches in Cartagena. The place is very frequented by all types of tourists, so the influx of people is sometimes too much, making the accommodation on the beach somewhat difficult.

However, being surrounded by such beautiful waters can make you forget the large number of people next to you, and enjoy the most of sunny and blue days, perfect to visit one of the best beaches in Cartagena.

And, finally, in the insular area of the city, Cartagena has fascinating white sand beaches and turquoise waters, which become one of the best beaches in Cartagena. In them, you can often find places like The Beach Hostel Cartagena, located on the island of Tierra Bomba, offering unique plans that include trips to its beach club Bomba Beach Club, accommodation and, just for couples, romantic dinners on the beach with the night view of the city of Cartagena as background, to make even more special evenings in one of the best beaches of Cartagena.

So, if you are planning to visit the best beaches in Cartagena, remember that in the city you can find a complete variety of special places that will surely make your adventure a memory that will last a lifetime.