Bomba Beach Cartagena is one of the beach clubs in Cartagena, located on Tierra Bomba Island, just in front of the beaches of Castillogrande. Its main services are the day of beach or day-trips and the celebration of events in the facilities. For whatever reason you choose to visit Bomba Beach Cartagena, you can enjoy unforgettable moments in a cozy beach club Cartagena.

First of all, to get to Bomba Beach Cartagena, take a boat on the shore of the beach of Castillogrande, which takes visitors to the beach club as well as The Beach Hostel, a hostel on the beach in Tierra Bomba. Visitors at the time of making the reservation, must have chosen their accommodation on the beach, so when they arrive they are taken directly to it at this beach club Cartagena.

By locating in the selected pergola, visitors are ready to enjoy a good day at the beach; in which they have the option of receiving a relaxing massage and doing water activities such as touring the island on JetSki. Another important point on this beach club Cartagena is that you can taste typical recipes of Caribbean and sea food in general, such as rice with coconut, fried fish, octopus preparations, shrimp and more.

Spending a day on the beach on a quiet island is the first reason to choose one the best beach clubs in Cartagena: Bomba Beach Cartagena. However, another important reason is the celebration of events in Tierra Bomba. Bomba Beach Cartagena is the perfect one on beach clubs in Cartagena for birthday parties and wedding celebrations. It also has a plan for groups called ‘VIP Package’ for a day full of fun with the most loved.

On the other hand, if the beach day is not enough there is the option to stay on the island at The Beach Hostel Cartagena, a hostel designed for those who love quiet nights near the sea.

Do not wait any longer, book your beach day at Bomba Beach Cartagena one of the best beach clubs in Cartagena!