Our restaurant offers a variety of Caribbean food, having seafood and various kinds of fried fish as our specialty. From the moment you arrive, you can delight yourself with the starters of the house, among which there are excellent bites that include patacones, queso costeño, hogao and more.

We also have exquisite dishes such as fish platter, shrimp cocktail, lobster and the house specialty: octopus in garlic, accompanied by coconut rice, salad and patacones.

You can also book your acommodation at The Beach Hostel Cartagena or a day trip at Bomba Beach Club and enjoy some of our creations!

Book in advance so you can enjoy an extraordinary day with us. Cell phone number: (+57) 3006780848 Phone: (+57) (5) 6600525.

IMPORTANT. It is not allowed to enter food and/or drinks at Bomba Beach Club.

You have to visit our restaurant!