The beach hotels Cartagena is located in the insular strip of Cartagena, specifically on the island of Tierra Bomba. It has become the best place to stay within the accommodation offers around the island. The great design and style, followed by a great international recognition, make the beach hotels Cartagena simply the greatest place to spend multiple days staying on the island.

Within the packages of the beach hotels Cartagena, there is the possibility of booking day-trips. With them you will have the possibility of entering all its facilities, just as if you were staying for one or several nights. Its swimming pool, surrounded by pergolas and beds, make this area of the beach hotels Cartagena one of the most chosen by visitors.

In the same way, you can still enjoy the breeze, the sand on the beach and the crystal-clear waters where the beach hotels Cartagena is located. Set with the best music and with constant presence of people from many countries, this place becomes a unique means for cultural exchange.

Live the full experience

On the other hand, you will still have the opportunity to interact with the native people of the island, who have worked together with the beach hotels Cartagena since its beginnings, increasing its great experience over the years. And if you want to venture further through the passages and accesses of Tierra Bomba, do not hesitate to take advantage of our great trekking with a native guide, who will be in charge of suggesting the route and telling our guests the great tradition of this land.

And, having this information, do not wait any longer and book as soon as possible at the beach hotels Cartagena! You can do it via web page or via WhatsApp, our reservations team will be very attentive to receive your request and make you live the best of experiences in your visit to Cartagena, right in the beach hotels Cartagena.